Anonymous asked: "cHILL THE FUCK OUT BRO"

Why because I’m finally voicing my frustration about just how fucking one-sided tumblr is?

There are so many posts making fun of Romney, do you know how many heads would get blown off if someone made a post like that about Obama.

I’m sick of people judging one another just because they’re a part of a different party. In my eyes, that’s like hating someone for have a different religion than you, like goddamn people.

Tumblr is so hypocritical  Everyone goes around saying “oh its not right to say ‘go kill yourself’ to anyone even jokingly. But suddenly when it comes to republicans it’s okay.

  1. gabapproves said: I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way, I think tumblr is taking it a little too far (even though it is pretty funny)
  2. byron2spoopy said: while i agree that tumblr is very liberal, there’s a difference between making fun of romney and making fun of all republicans…
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